24 oktober 2012

Aggregation - Chun Kwang Young

Korean contemporary artist Chun Kwang Young is best known for his free-standing compositions and two-dimensional low-reliefs made of small triangles of Styrofoam wrapped in printed mulberry paper, each small piece tied with twisted "threads" of the paper.

Most of the works from his "Aggregation" series have tended to be in monochromatic black-and-white or sepia and rust colors. But for his new pieces Chun has injected striking touches of color.
"When I started the Aggregation in late 1980, I wanted to express and take forward the spirit of Korean traditions using mulberry paper, which used to be indigenous to every Korean household," Then in 2004, my work started to look more like lunar landscapes and dry desert as I wanted to express my anger and criticism toward modern society and how it is destroying environment."

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