31 oktober 2012

Valentines - Marian Bantjes

Marian Bantjes is one of my favorite designers. On her website I came across these Valentine cards (2012) which she made: 
'Because I travel a lot, I decided to use old postcards for my Valentines this year. I sent about 480, and the cards range over about 90 years: from 1901 to the late '80s, I think. They are from all over the world and they went all over the world. About 100 of them had writing on the back and had been posted before.
Then, they're all overprinted in silver with my image, which says "From me wherever I am / To you wherever you are."'

The Valentine Cards below are from 2010:
'I solicited my friends to send me all their used Christmas cards, and I started getting exciting envelopes of cards in the mail. I created the design of the heart for laser cutting. I wanted most of the card image to be cut away, but there to be enough left that some semblance of image remained; that you could tell it came from a christmas card. The final result exceeded my most hopeful expectations. How these cards (most of which were, in their original state, nothing special, or even downright ugly) gained so much more from the process.'

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  1. These are great -- very inspiring. I'm almost obsessed with old postcards!


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