21 juni 2010

Franka van der Loo

A long time ago I fell in love with these dog portraits painted by Franka van der Loo. I bought postcards of the paintings but I had forgotten all about them, untill a few weeks ago when I was going through a closet and discovered the framed postcards. I'll put them on the wall soon!

4 opmerkingen:

  1. In een ver verleden heb ik eens met Franka te maken gehad. Ik bewonder haar werk en was haar "vergeten"Zo goed dat ik haar bij jou heb hervonden.

  2. Hello

    I happened to randomly find a dog postcard by Franka van der Loo in a book last week. I have been trying to find out more about their work but have had no joy on Google. Would you know any links or websites? Thank you. David

  3. I'm sorry, no. I couldn't find any information about her either. Maybe you could try by e-mailing the card publisher?

  4. I have tried the publisher but no luck. If I find anything out, I will post on your site. Thank youfor the response. David


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