10 juni 2010

Sushipot - Suzanna Scott

These beautiful pieces of art are mixed media collages made by American artist Suzanna Scott (Sushipot). Visit her Etsy shop to find out more about her artwork, her shop profile reads:
Suzanna's work is inspired from all things old, chipped, cracked, worn, dusty, used, found, buried, designed, loved, pieced, intricate, aged and transfigured. Suzanna seeks to find beauty within discarded objects and hope within blemished books.

Sushipot blogs as well and I'm happy to say that she is one of my followers! I always get so inspired when I look at her work and her blogposts. She is a collector like I am, but she definately makes better use of her collections...

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Thank you for doing a post about my collage work--I'm so flattered!! I've really enjoyed reading your blog and seeing new finds. Keep up the wonderful work :)

  2. You're quite welcome! It was my honour. Hope it will get you new followers AND new customers.


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