6 juli 2011

Matthew Cusik

For his painting and collages Matthew Cusick uses maps, illustrated bibles.

Quote from the Weburbanist:

Matthew Cusick cuts apart maps to create stunning collages and sculptures, including portraits. The Dallas, Texas artist collects maps and cuts them apart according to color and shade, pasting them into these compositions on a board backing. But the particular maps chosen also have meaning in reference to the subject: “The people I construct out of maps represent certain ideas and moments in time that resonate deeply with me,” he says. “The maps I choose for each work relate to that person’s timeline and history. I’ll use these maps as a surrogate for paint but also as a way to expand the limits of representational painting. Each map fragment is employed both as a brush stroke and a unit of information. The human form acts as a matrix in which inlaid maps from different places and times coalesce into a narrative.”

Found via But does it float

1 opmerking:

  1. These are incredible. Where do you keep finding these amazing artists? I can't decide which image I like best -- possibly the simplest green landscape, but then again the portrait!


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