10 juli 2011

Vintage Tatler

I guess I must have been 14 or 15 when I first got introduced by my brother in the world of high fashion. He gave me a British Vogue and a Tatler for my birthday. I had no idea such magazines even existed. I was overwhelmed by the styling, the pictures, the ads, the clothes and the models. From then on I spent a lot of pocket money on magazines such as Vogue or Marie Claire. A few years later I decided to study fashion but after a year I knew I was better at the 2D presentation and turned to graphic design. A far better choice for me! Since a year or two I don't buy magazines anymore. At least, not for myself. I guess I bought too much of them over the years. 

But this old Tatler really takes me back! Of course, this Tatler form 1956 is way older than I am... 

What always amazed me were the section where the engagements, marriages and debutants were introduced. I just couldn't believe the readers would care to read those articles:

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