12 juli 2011

Vintage for kids

I bought these wooden pins and balls in the local thriftshop. I'm so happy to have purchased them!

My brothers used to be quite good at winning marbles. I wasn't, I lost most of their winnings in the schoolyard. But fortunately, I was able to I hold onto these marbles. Most of these are at least 40 years old!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. O wow, those marbles are fantastic!
    We used to have a lot of them, but alas none of the real old ones are left; probably got lost or were lost to others...should have kept them save.
    But that wooden ballgame is equally great! What a find!
    Having said that, how's your shop coming along.. :)?

  2. I'm afraid the shop is taking much longer than I thought... I'm a bit hestitant to start, thinking about how much work it is. However, my house is getting cramped. So it's about time I get into action!

    Thanks for your nice comment ;-)


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