6 november 2010

Graduation Show 2010 Design Academy #4

Garance Echazarreta graduated from the design department 'Man and well being'
This mysterious creature is a striking appearance in the interior. The Beast is organic, soft, hairy and exurberant. Its foam rubber antennae or tentacles will offeryou an unusual but comfortable seat, allowing you to immerse yourselfin foam. Hide under t, play with it, flump down in it and The Beast will come to life.

Chloé Pouzoulet graduated from the design department 'Man and well being'
This hand-knitted woollen rug Dune starts off oblong and rigid, but ends in a soft cylindrical trunk in the middle. The trunk can be rolled up to form a comfortable pillow to sit or lie down on, but you can also crawl into it. Those who find he opening and allow themselves to be pulled in will become one with the floor and fuse with thedomestic landscape. Caught in the knitting, your body will give the rug a new shape. A pact between body and architecture in which the two become one.

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