13 november 2010

Graduation Show 2010 Design Academy #5

Sophie de Vocht graduated from the design department 'Man and living'
A piece of lounging furniture (Loop chair) on the cutting edge between chair and carpet, Sophie de Vocht has caught the comfort of the two and united them to become one product. She has created a hand-tufted cover out of a piece of knitting yearn measuring a staggering 300 metres, created especially by the Textielmuseum in Tilburg. 

Yuya Ushida graduated from the design department 'Man and activity'
SOFA_XXXX is made of just 4 different lengths of bamboo sticks, rings and joints. the parts on their own don't seem to be special, but when put together in a regular pattern their beauty appears.
It can be contracted, which makes it easier for transportation. While contracted it can be even used as a chair.

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