4 november 2010

Graduation Show 2010 Design Academy #3

Maaike Seegers graduated from the design department 'Man and well being'
Maaike Seegers believes that the production process for tableware is at least as interesting as the end product is, it's just that, as a user, you wouldn't normally see it. In Meltware process and product collide. The bowl, the jar and the spoon made of stoneware are not just pieces of tableware but they are also moulds to extend your set.

Amba Molly graduated from the design department 'Man and leisure'
Can products fertilise each other - just like people - and do develop into something new?
Amba Molly made a moulding system which is based on the human cell division. Starting with four products from two worlds, industrial and old-fashioned she used a plastic bottle, an old earthenware oil pitcher, a plastic Tupperware can and a hand-twisted earthenware can. By dividing the moulds systematically, 60 stones appeared. At four stages of division the products mix themselves increasingly further and gradually a new family called Mitose with a new DNA appears.

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