5 april 2010

Back home

We spent Easter weekend at my parents house in Zeeland. I took a few pictures I want to share, such as these. I took them last Saturday in one of my favorite thriftshops. The shop is called De Stoof and is located in Zaamslag in an old church (unfortunately the shop doesn't have a website). Quite a few items from my 'private collection' are bought in that shop. Last Saturday I bought a stack of vintage games, I'll post those another time, so come back for more!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Some lovely vintage packaging amongst these.

  2. Great, don't you think? The shop owner told me all of these items were found in a home of two 90-year olds. They had been potting items for years and years.

  3. Thank you! I love old advertising because it is a great source of social history.

    Your timing is great. Today we were discussing peoples' favourite leisure time activities after WW2, before people had televisions. Everyone remembered their Meccano sets very fondly. And you have Metalen Constructie Dozen! Perfect!


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