31 oktober 2010

Graduation Show 2010 Design Academy #2

Jung You Choi graduated from the design department ' Man and well being'
She designed the Cloud Stool, a stool like a cloud, soft, fluffy and airy. Jung You Choi is fascinated by the irregular shapes and colours of the clouds; the way they float by seperately, as little white fluffs in the sky, or the way they can suddenly gather darkly. The Cloud Stool allows you to sink into a cloud. Each seat is unique; the shapes and hues vary as they would in real clouds.

Ellis Droog graduated from the design department 'Man and well being'.
She designed Mosquito Wig. a hairy object to both move around in and hide under: a mosquito net. She has always been fascinated with (long) hair. Its separate fibres gathering to form a unity, its movement, its expressiveness, and the save have it can offer: you can hide behind it. 'People are vulnerable when they sleep, so I wanted to make something that would cover the bed.

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