14 oktober 2010

Miracle workers

Mr. Amadou, Mr. Manma, Mr. Abou, Mr. Banfa, Mr. Siby, Professor Moro, Mr. Touba, Professor Dansso and Professor Hassan. Just a few examples of the classic mailbox spam in cities like Amsterdam.
These small pieces of 'typographic design' are really very amusing. They are all in Dutch but check out Mr. Banfa, he translated his small piece of text into English, as a special service.
They all claim to be a medium and they all claim to be able to solve any problems you can think of. Result within 2 days, 100% garanteed!

I used to collect these, I had a whole bunch of them. Unfortunately I couldn't find them so my colleague Willem was kind enough to let me scan his collection!

1 opmerking:

  1. Ik mis die briefjes. Ik kreeg ze in Amsterdam zelfs met een fotootje erop. Altijd grappig en stiekum zou ik zo'n man weleens willen ontmoeten om te kijken hoe hij werkt. Maar absoluut niet om mijn problemen op te lossen ;-)


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