13 oktober 2010

Darja Charapova

Darja is a frequent blog follower of this blog. I appreciate that a lot and I thank her for that. But most of all I would like to thank her for the interesting and beautiful illustrations she makes! She is an illustration student living in Rotterdam and, like me, loves collecting vintage stuff. She shares her work by blogging it. Have a look at her Newem blog and her other blog Newem Illustrated Words and say hi to her from me!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Wauw wat een eer! Heel erg bedankt, ik vind het helemaal top om op je mooie blog vermeld te worden :)!
    Grote Groet!

  2. Hieronder zie je twee racties op Twitter op deze post:

    - Mooi! #darja Vooral Image&Music i like..

    - Thanks for the link Ellen, beautiful work. RT @ellenvandesande * blogged * Darja Charapova http://goo.gl/fb/wKxDo #illustrator #artist

    En geretweet door David Vogin en Richard Saffron


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