9 mei 2010

Hester Zagt

I came across the beautiful jewelry by Hester Zagt in Berlin. I had seen it it a magazine but never in real life. I was in love immediately! Hester is inspired by Dutch culture and especially by traditional costume in all its appearances, such as jewelry, lace, fabrics etc. She designed rings of porcelain inspired by Staphorst 'dotwork' and earrings based on the 'Zeeuwse knop' a jewel from the Dutch province Zeeland.
The 'Zeeuwse Knop' (last picture), are antique jewels from my birthplace Zeeland. People used to wear them as beltbuckels or as hairpins and it was part of the traditional clothing. These jewels were inspired on the flower the Astrantia major.

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  1. Thank you for sharing the photos and information on the zeeuwase knop. I have antique pieces I inherited and I was searching to learn about the pieces.


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