4 mei 2010

Entertainment during roadtrips

Our drive to this holiday spot in france wasn't a very long one (3.5 hrs) so the children weren't too bored. But sometimes, on longer trips they do get bored and then it's my job to keep them entertained. We don't have a DVD-player in the car so we play games (I spy with my little eye, count cars, etc) we listen to music, tell stories, read or sleep. This Big Book of Car Games is a great source that could keep them entertained when they are a bit older and are able to read the instructions.
For now it's for my enterainment because the games and illustrations are great and inspiring!

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  1. Kijk, die hadden wij moeten hebben :) Dit keer waren we voorzien van een DVD speler. Wat een rust op de achterbank... En al dat plezier van die rust voor maar 29 euro... Al hebben we nog wel wat nummerbordspelletjes gedaan toen de batterij van de DVD speler leeg was.


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